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SailPlan increases safety while reducing operating costs through its digital twin, predictive analytics, smart routing, long-range collision avoidance, geographic-awareness,  and much more.

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Increase Navigational Safety

Predictive analytics provides long-range collision avoidance enabling navigators to identify potential collisions hours, even days, in advance and proactively optimize their routes to mitigate these risks.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce fuel consumption and improve schedule integrity through real-time data from both deck and engine.  Real-time vessel data and predictive analytics combine to optimize voyages to account for operational constraints, weather, tide, vessel traffic, berth availability, and much more.

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Better Emergency Response

Shoreside personnel receive insights like never before. We provide a real time feed of engine and deck data. SailPlan AI identifies off-nominal events and provides real time alerts and data to shoreside personnel based on key trends, events, or predictive alerts to save precious time when it counts the most.

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  • Ferry operations
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