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Voyage Optimization Like You’ve Never Imagined

SailPlan maximizes profitability while increasing safety through real-time data and predictive analytics. Voyage planning, real-time monitoring, long-range collision avoidance, and much more.

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Voyage Optimization

SailPlan provides unparalleled voyage optimization data to navigators via the SailPlan Intelligent Assistant. Plan a route that maximizes profitability while meeting voyage constraints. Monitor voyage execution and receive updates as new data become available.

Real-Time Shoreside Data

SailPlan makes thousands of data points available to shoreside personnel in real-time via a digital twin. Monitor real-time ship performance health metrics, vessel-stability, experienced weather, emissions, and other data. Know when to leave port and what route to take to maximize profitability, safety, and meet voyage constraints. 

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Better Emergency Response

Shoreside personnel receive insights like never before.  SailPlan AI identifies off-nominal events and provides real time alerts and data to shoreside personnel based on key trends, events, or predictive alerts to save precious time when it counts the most.

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